Save the Greater Sage-Grouse

Save the Greater Sage-Grouse

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The greater sage-grouse—a bird known for its fascinating mating dance—lives its entire life in the wide open spaces of the American West, stretching from the Dakotas to California. The sage-grouse’s sagebrush habitat is also home to a variety of magnificent wildlife, including elk, mule deer, pronghorn, and golden eagles.

The bird’s population has plummeted during the last century, with more than half of its sagebrush habitat lost or degraded due in large part to unbalanced management of our Western lands. However, there is hope: We have the opportunity to save the sage-grouse, and your voice is crucial to ensuring responsible protections for the bird and its habitat.

The Bureau of Land Management is creating management plans to guide conservation of the sage-grouse and its sagebrush habitat throughout the West. It will take President Barack Obama, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, the BLM, and Western state governors working together to ensure that the BLM’s final plans provide adequate, meaningful protections while allowing responsible development.

Please urge President Obama and other decision-makers to protect the remaining healthy sagebrush habitat across our public lands for the greater sage-grouse and other wildlife that make their home in these remarkable places.


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