A Better Way to Catch Pacific Swordfish

A Better Way to Catch Pacific Swordfish

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There is no denying that many people love the taste of swordfish and thresher sharks. Unfortunately, the predominant commercial method of catching these fish off the California coast involves mile-long gillnets left in the water for hours at a time. Unfortunately, these deadly nets catch more than swordfish and thresher sharks. Turtles, dolphins, various types of sharks, whales, and other species of fish are also captured and often killed before they can be released. We believe there is a better way.

Encourage West Coast fishery leaders to find a better way to catch Pacific swordfish.

In March, West Coast fishery managers agreed that it’s time to shift the fleet to more environmentally sustainable types of fishing gear. However, change doesn’t come easily. Fishery managers are now considering the possibility of merely modifying the current wasteful method.

Your voice can make a difference.

Please act now. It is pointless to make minor and incremental improvements to a method of fishing that is fundamentally indiscriminate. Members of the Pacific Fishery Management Council need to hear from you. Remind them of their commitment to shift away from drift gillnets to more selective fishing gear.


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