Congress: Please Extend Key Clean Energy Tax Incentives

Congress: Please Extend Key Clean Energy Tax Incentives

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Policy uncertainty is holding back private investment in the clean energy economy, including new research-and-development activities and the deployment of infrastructure. Predictable federal tax policies that leverage private capital to deploy new clean energy technologies will expand our economy, strengthen national security, and make our country cleaner.

Although tax incentives for oil, natural gas, and nuclear power are permanent, those for clean energy resources are not, creating a boom-and-bust cycle and market uncertainty. The production tax credit for wind, incentives for making buildings more efficient, and proven technologies such as waste heat to power deserve policy treatment commensurate with traditional power sources.

By strengthening the Expiring Provisions Improvement Report and Efficiency Act, or EXPIRE Act, to include an extension of key wind, efficiency, and waste-heat-to-power provisions, Congress can give clean energy technologies a boost and provide certainty that encourages private investment.

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